“Jackie” by Gregory Singer


One thought on ““Jackie”

  1. Great Movie! “Requiem for a Heavyweight” Starring Jackie Gleason as fight manager “Maish Rennick”. Mickey Rooney as “Army” cut man, Anthony Quinn as Louis “Mountain” Rivera journeyman prize fighter. Julie Harris as Grace Miller Employment agency worker who falls in love with Louis “Mountain” Rivera. Cassius Clay (Mohammed Ali) plays himself. Directed by Ralph Nelson, Written by Rod Serling, Music by Laurence Rosenthal. Musicians on the sound track recording session were as follows: Cellos: Seymour Barab, Charles McCracken, Viola and Violins: Norman Carr, Max Hollander, Michael Tree, Aaron Rosand. Trumpet: Joe Wilder, Percussion: Herb Harris. Horn: Arthur Frantz. Pianist Bernie Leighton. Woodwinds: Loren Glickman, Phil Bodner. Conductor: Laurence Rosenthal. I knew many of these musicians in the 1970, 80s, and 90s. These were some of the finest musicians you could find anywhere in the world. The movie is a masterpiece. One of the finest. Just very realistic. Quinn, Rooney and Gleason, Harris! who could ask for more?

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