2 thoughts on ““Take my violin”

  1. “A moment in Time” This seemingly simple sketch catches a moment I noticed at work when a famous musician who was dying of cancer handed his violin over to my boss (the violin dealer) and said “you take my violin now and sell it for my family”.
    He seemed very brave and in control though he was on his way out of this world. These two men knew each other for many years and now was their final dignified goodbye. I often think of that moment in time

  2. I like this so much. I keep coming back to this after browsing other works of yours.
    There are so much of emotion.
    Two paintings on the wall quietly watching the event, the violin unsettlingly captured in the middle a second before being handed by the owner of possibly of many years who must have made a lot of memory with it, to another man.

    I can see the determination from the man on the left, and respect from the man on the right. After looking at this simple sketch for a few minutes, I now feel I have watched a whole movie.


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