One thought on ““farewell old bathrooms”

  1. Not so so important but… the building where I have my studio, up until a few days ago – used to have a nice old bathroom with TWO stalls with old low cut wooden saloon style doors with nice vintage dispensing fixtures for soap and nice paper roll holders as well. The building used to be a school in 1910 and there was a water fountain built into one of the sinks. Now, some “genius” decided to upgrade the building bathrooms (upgrade the rent soon too, most likely) and they tore out the old wooden stalls and walls and put in ONE toilet with a paper dispenser very close to the floor. The flimsy cheap plastic toilet seats and sink are made of inferior materials. Unbelievable. I know there are more important things to be concerned about than this, but this is not an improvement people! Our environment is becoming very modern and sterile and it has an effect on the people’s sense of history and humanity, aesthetics and our quality of life. I vote against modernization most of the time.
    “New” is not always better. And how are you? Ha!

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