2 thoughts on “Violinist #2

    • I am happy to hear your comments.You both are up early this morning. Where are you from? I am in NYC. A couple of points:
      I was told that amateurs do portraits facing straight on. An angle with shadows etc. (where is the light coming from?) is a sign of a more advanced artist and preferred.Ha!
      I never studied art, so my hand-eye coordination is what has evolved over many years of noodling and doodling.I know that in some fields of
      art, music, wood crafts etc., too much study and self-conscious analyzation can hinder a personal style from evolving. In my case, a certain amount of classical, technical study would certainly help me. If I ever have a “patron” I would study more formally and turn to oil painting.
      As for now, I must work to pay the rent and that is a stumbling block to consistent and quicker progress. My faces and bodies are not
      very developed. I have a long way to go. I appreciate your encouragement sincerely very much. Best wishes from GRegory Singer

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