4 thoughts on “Dispensary Limelight

  1. Inspired by the sweet movie by Charlie Chaplin named “Limelight” He plays an aging actor/comedian named Calvero who saves the life of a female dancer that was trying to commit suicide. In this sketch they bring medicine for the bed-ridden dancer. The dancing sequences are performed by Melissa Haydn (Sp?) I remember seeing her dance at the New York City Ballet in the late 70’s. Mayor Lindsey gave her a special presentation on her last performance at the State Theatre at Lincoln Center. The conductor was the great Robert Irving.

  2. Hayden is the spelling of the name of this wonderful dancer with the New York City Ballet. In my teens I used to ask patrons for their ticket stubs if they were leaving the ballet after the first intermission and I would sneak in to watch the second or third act. Once, after gaining admission, I went upstairs and spotted a couple of empty seats right in the middle of the first balcony. I couldn’t believe my luck. When the lights dimmed and the curtain was just about to rise as the orchestra had already started playing, I felt a tap on my shoulder and looked up into the eyes of the authorized original seat holders, who were none other than George “B” and Jerome Robbins! I was
    in their seats. Needless to say – I didn’t ask to see their ticket stubs as I skidoodled up the stairs to darkness and a safe haven, receiving a knowing stare from the usher. Tisk, tisk! Ticket please!!! Oops!

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