One thought on “New Timpani with on top

  1. A big break! I finally was able to buy two timpani for my orchestra (The Manhattan Symphonie NYC)
    Two friends gave me a couple of hundred dollars each and I knew where there were two for sale. A good price for two (less than $1000.00)
    They seem to made of brassy shinny copper. They sometimes are referred to as “Kettle Drums”
    They sound great and we’ve used them several times already for rehearsal and our 9/11 memorial concert. I hope to do a nice painting some day of them in my music studio.
    Here is a sketch of one of them with a chandelier sitting on top. The thing sitting on the upper left is supposed to be
    an old fashioned pyramid style metronome sitting on the piano behind the drum. It didn’t come out as a pyramid did it?
    I did the sketch very quickly as I had to run downstairs to meet someone as my door buzzer (opener) wasn’t working. I love kettle drums.
    Bong bong! (The Beethoven violin concerto opens with four beautiful solo timpani notes.)

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