Korean War Veteran

6 thoughts on “Korean War Veteran

    • Dear Isabella,

      I appreciate your encouraging response.
      At the moment, that does inspire me to pursue my talent.

      Most people will press a button which reflects “thumbs up” or “thumbs down”. I appreciate that you took the time to express your interest in my “art work”.

      Best wishes,

    • Thanks Ani! I think I’ll make strides when I start to get into oils/color. My new music composition “War and Peace” is pretty good also.
      “Memorial Processional” is a favorite. Youtube has the Memorial Processional Carnegie hall performance version. I think you were there with Geri. I will post “War and Peace” (with choir) when I get the video from our last concert for the 9/11/14 memorial. Thanks very much for your encouragement.

  1. I sketched this Korean War Veteran after I saw the documentary called “Chosen” about the Chosen Reservoir in Korea where so many Americans lost their lives fighting mainly equally determined Chinese soldiers. To this day Korean school children cut the grass around the thousands of graves of the fallen Americans that died saving South Korea with little scissors. They treat the American veterans of the war with every courtesy and respect.

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