Night Sail

There was this fellow at a gas station in south Florida who wore exhausted clothes, had a knife and a hammer in his belt, and he said “if we’d followed him he’d show us some boats that were for sale, cheap”. My associate and I followed. I watched him ’cause if he might turn and try to rob us on the way through the woods. We walked what would be equivalent to two city blocks until the woods cleared and I saw a lagoon with about six medium size wooden motor boats (10 to 20 footers, no motors attached) anchored and a few more up on the thin beach. The boats were all dark. No running lights. Stars were twinkling silently.
It was a boat graveyard.
These abandoned boats had been collected by these guys and were for sale for as little as $400.00 I really wanted one. I learned later, that those boats had been lost in storms or the owners hadn’t paid their taxes or payments on them. Maybe stolen? Not sure exactly where they came from. I’ll never forget the calm quiet moment with the lapping sound of the water and the cool breeze blowing the leaves of the branches and…the lone night watchman reading by candlelight sitting in the back of one of the boats with the large full moon hanging above him.
Can you see his silhouette in front of the bright light in the back of the boat with possibly a pencil or candle?

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