Our Religion

This sketch can be interpreted as you like. One feeling I have is that there isn’t one religion superior to another . There are wonderful people from all religions and horrible acts of violence committed by members of all religions.
We are born into families that are of one religion, and it seems we had no choice in choosing which family or religion we were born into.
If I had a choice, I think I would join the Sikhs. They have a very nice philosophy and they all have the same last name. Singh! All people on this planet should have the same last name as that would remind us that we are all related. I have an idea! Why don’t people start joining several religions at the same time.!!! The Japanese do that. They barrow different religious ceremonies from different religions (Buddhist, Shinto Christian) depending on the occasions. A person could say “I am part Hindu and Jewish” or “I am Muslim and Hindi” or “I have members of my family that joined many religions” or “I like to represent the best in many religious devotions” Have love!

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