Sometimes I have an urge to put something on paper. This is the result.
I just started and this came out. Try it . It is fun. The trick is to stay with it. See how it turns out. Don’t give up.

I like the uneven frame result of where the black stops around the edges. GS

I’ve never consciously seen art by Miro that I know of, but I’m always flattered to be compared to a real artist. I don’t make the titles of these sketches. I go to the museum occasionally but I am not much of a spectator (except sports). I like to make the music or the art in my own personal way. It is the way for everyone to show their own character when they “do something” as apposed to “watch something”
Artist Geri does as a favor for me. He and Ani are artists and post my many sketches for me when they have time. It must be tiring to keep up with my pace. I do several sketches every day (at least). It takes me only a few minutes sometimes. Thanks again to Geri and Ani.
Geri is very supportive and kind to me, he gave me an easel and oil paints. I will try to do oils soon. It must be very difficult without proper instruction. We’ll see.

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