Sketchscapes 5

This schooner (?) is named “Mystic Whaler” it lands at South Ferry New York City and sails around the harbor and Statue of Liberty.
I love to sit at South Ferry and soak up the sunshine and sketch and take the Staten Island Ferry ride. There are the older Ferry Boats and one new one.
The new one has no outside deck space. The older Ferries are wonderful for standing outside. I will sketch plenty more scenes of the South Ferry area. The ride is free.

Actually there is another ship (schooner) called “Clipper City” It looks like the “Mystic Whaler” I think I have sketched both of them at different times, not always noticing which one it was. I was there today at South Ferry NYC on “D-Day” June 6th ( Clue -Normandy beaches 1944)
We are in 2014 at this posting.

I understand that many people from Norway are enjoying my sketches. I know the Norwegians love the sea and are excellent sailors! I hope you like my sketches of boats and ships. Don’t look at the rigging too carefully. Bless Norway! Best wishes from Gregory.

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