Today I am especially excited because I am buying two timpani for my orchestra. They are being stored in a church in Brooklyn.
I must rent a van and bring them to my studio. They are copper “kettle” drums (two) I love them. I will write music for them.
I will use them when I perform at Merkin Hall (NYC) this coming September 11th, 2014 (Memorial concert)
I will “world premiere” my new composition called either ” Glorious Pasacaglia” or “War and Peace” September 11th
My orchestra “The Manhattan Symphonie” will perform Dvorak’s Carnival Overture, my compositions and Faure’s Pavane (with choir)
I hope you can attend. If you can, please say hello. Tickets are $10. My musicians and I are donating our services. It is my belief that
nobody should make money on a 9/11 Memorial Concert.

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