This was my little hotel room on the Rue Des Trois Freres, Hotel Ideal.
It is hard to see, but my shoe/boots are in the picture and my violin case is under the armoire (furniture).
I had a music stand and I liked the simple wall paper. There is a key in the armoire also.
I made friends with the top floor lady across the street. She liked my violin playing.
This was many years ago in my bohemian days in Paris.

4 thoughts on “Reflection

  1. Love it. Used to stay here too. I preferred room one. This looks about number fifty. Jacques Brel once stayed in that room. With my fantastic French, I managed to ask if he was still in it. They laughed.

  2. Gregory, nice drawing of the hotel, Fond memory`s of Paris in June / August 1987, mayby you remember me, Robert. One evening you were playing you`re violin when I collected the money on a street near the Place du Tetre. I still have the copy of the Bhagavid Gita you gave me. Greetings, Robert

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