9 thoughts on “Morning Music

  1. This melancholy fellow stayed at the same “Hotel Ideal”on the street Rue De Trois Freres (Sp?) in Paris. He was a friend who joined me for drinks, food and coffee. He drank Port. He found a small slender vase at a flea market that he said dated from Roman times.
    It would pay for his entire summer in Paris when he sold it back in Denmark where he was from. He seemed elegant and always wore a vest and tie in public. I confided in him regarding my bohemian life with numerous girlfriends and playing violin in the streets and cafes. He enjoyed listening and giving me advice. He once said how he envied me that I could support myself as long as I liked to stay in Paris by playing violin in the street and cafes. On the day he was returning to Denmark he confided in me that he was gay. Alas, I am not. In retrospect I remember his sad nature and how he studied me as if I were from another planet. (America) In this sketch, he was listening to me play the violin in my room, as I memorized songs to play for tips as I always played for memory. I believe his name may have been Robert. I like this sketch because it captures his melancholy nature and I like the way his elbow rests on the railing as it supports his chin. Good wishes to you my ol’ friend of fond memories.

  2. Oke, I am from Holland, gay no more ………..Port yes, and indeed it was a old vase but from the south of Italy 4th. century BC. And indeed the same for me, very fond memory`s Good wishes to you Gregory Poème / Chausson.

  3. Wow! Holy cow. Very nice to hear form you my ol’ friend. I hope I didn’t describe you in a way that hurt your feelings. A friend of mine brought your response to my attention. I have been recently in China for three weeks conducting my own orchestra named “The Manhattan Symphonie”
    So glad you are well.

  4. Hi Gregory. I know “The Manhattan Symphonie” I have seen you on You Tube, very nice, no more street music?, China ! and you`re Violin Shop, very nice. It`s a long way from Hotel Ideal, VERY GOOD ! 28 years have gone by, but still the memory`s of Paris are there. I hope everything is óke with you, greetings Robert

  5. That is very nice of you to share my sketch. IT is very flattering. It is very nice to hear from you. Paris is part of my soul artistically and emotionally. I have many fond memories of those times.
    I imagine Paris is very different now. It would be nice to meet for some Port next summer in Paris near the hotel Ideal. Possible? If not Paris perhaps London . I am not very quick on the computer but I will check my face-book in the near future to see if we can exchange some contact numbers privately. I am studying (or I should be) a score of music for my big concert in Carnegie Hall February 10th, 2016. You can see me conducting on Youtube at Manhattan Symphonie or Gregory Singer. It is my orchestra and I am the conductor. Very best to you my good buddy of yester-year. Ha!

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