Staten Island Music

Hello music and art lovers, boys, and girls, many times before I go to sleep at night I like to sketch a bit. Sometimes I just start moving my pen
without knowing what takes shape or turns out. I don’t always like what i see, but I continue and sometimes it turns out very interesting. I almost never throw away any sketch. It helps me keep a certain standard and expectation. If I throw away many sketches then something spontaneous is lost. I have the confidence that something can be worthy even at the end. Maybe I will put a cat in to save the sketch.
It should be a true expression of the moment. Not self conscious. It is honest no matter how it turns out for better or worse. I challenge myself that way.
Therefor, there is a feeling of adventure and risk when I use ink and paper . I never erase any lines. ever! I have no eraser handy.
When I began to compose this picture (above) I was a bit desperate for something in it to feel good about. Though it took me less than a minute to sketch, I look at it a day later and I really like the balance and feel of it. It is original, spontaneous and humble and not trying to be profound. It captures a moment and that’s what came out. The Staten Island Ferry on its own is not much, but with the faces and the musical notation together makes a composition of sorts. It is spontaneous at least. The face with the bow tie makes it. If I gave up after the Ferry boat, the face would have never had a chance to appear. Never give up on a work, only if you feel it is not inspired or spontaneously fresh in some way. You may notice the signature is part of the balance of the sketch. Ha! the attempt to make the Ferry boat three demential is funny. Ha!

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