Hi Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls,
These boats are the Frying Pan and the lighthouse/fireboat John J. Harvey. They are anchored at 26th street and 12th Avenue.
Pier 66. There is a restaurant and bar on the dock. A fun place to be in the warm weather. The first time I boarded the Frying Pan boat, I began exploring her lower decks only to discover an all female modern dance trope rehearsing what must have been an “dress rehearsal” as there was no audience or interruption to their choreographed movements. I was motioned by flashlight to follow the dancers throughout the dark rusty ship. It was surrealistic. I was the only one in the audience. A real New York experience. Did it happen ? Yes!
And then I woke up! Just kidding. It really happened.
Many years later I enjoy sketching these boats with fondness from the memories of many hot summer days on the Hudson River with these
ghost ships. “Save our Ships” is a website to help preserve these historical pieces of New York’s river history. I didn’t draw the restaurant or the Jersey side of the river. Someone was snooping around my bicycle and it was time to ride.

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