Hello curious art lovers, boys and girls!
I worked on this painting a long time and it remained on my easel for many months as it was the only such painting I had. When a visitor named
Diane who claimed to know and work with Andy Warhol saw it on my easel, when she visited me a month later said to me ” you really are fond of that painting aren’t you?” I said “yes” but I actually didn’t have any more art supplies to continue working on a new one. I asked her advice and she suggested a little purple near the boats. If you look carefully you can see the light purple. I rationalized the darker water in the front of the painting as a cloud over head that cast a shadow. I like the colors and all that blue. I am not very proud of the windows on the buildings with the chimneys on the left. They are a little primitive looking. I had fun working on the reflections on the water. It certainly is a very blue painting.
I look forward to getting back to oil painting when I have the resources. Oil paints, canvass, buying a new easel plus having space and time is not easy to find.

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