let there be light!

This was one of the oldest houses (still standing at the time) built in Homestead, Florida. I lived in a F.E.M.A trailer next door. Hurricane “Andrew” made that necessary as the house I stayed in was ruined. “Hurricane Andrew” was one of the most devastating hurricanes in American history. The long electric wire in the picture gave power to my trailer. It was a beautiful old house built strong enough to endure the hurricane without a scratch. The tropical trees and plants didn’t survive as well. The front of the house is to the left of the picture and though it looks black it actually was a porch that had screens inclosing it. There was a large swing chair. We spent many hours rocking and talking with the elderly lady that owned the place (Eloise Eason). She was as sharp as they come. She ran an avocado packing business from her 10 acre property. The name of the brand was – you guessed it – “Easons”. They were trucked all the way up the east coast to New York City. Their old sorting and packing methods were “grandfathered” in to pass inspection. I know “Ma Eason” is no longer with us in the flesh, and I think they must have torn down the old house. Just one more time I would love to walk into that front door and into the front parlor room. I’d enjoy the sound of the screen door hitting its frame. It was grand.

Maestro Gregory Singer

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