This little ditty “Embrace” was influenced by my viewing the movie “Rear Window” with Jimmie Stewart.
There was a scene where he notices a newly-wed couple moving into their new apartment across the way.
The young man carries the wife across and into the “threshold” of their new abode. He (Jimmy Stewart) is naturally curious but knows he shouldn’t be spying on them. A moment later they pull the shade down. Regarding my sketch, the challenge for me was to get the complicated interlocking arms and torsos close to something recognizable. The shoes are a disaster. It almost looks like an animal is at their feet. I will work on my ability to portray shoes and boots in the near future. Sometimes the motive of inserting a cat or dog in a picture expresses my feeling that the sketch is lacking something worth while, so at least I put a humorous aspect to the picture or I remind my viewer that I don’t take this sketch too seriously but want add at least some entertainment value to it. Like throwing the viewer a “bone”. Ha!

“Maestro” Gregory

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