Peaceful Morning

As I was sketching this Hudson River scene, I was focussing on the sail boats and when I looked up towards New Jersey, I was shocked by this huge moving mass –a huge oil tanker heading very fast up stream. I knew immediately that it was filling up the entire view. I had to work quickly and wasn’t happy about the sudden intrusion of this large metal/iron monster. I didn’t want to capture it in the sketch but after all is was there! I am not working from a photograph! I am not proud of the way the big tanker ship came out. The horizontal line in the middle of the tanker is not even straight. My favorite parts are the pedestrian walkway railing with the rope/chain wrapped around the black post and the little bit of foliage. I like the two boats on our viewers left, but please notice that the boat on the far right (of the three) has no sails. Only the wire/rope is the outline of where the sails would be. You can see the waves through the lines. If you look closely you can see the letters “TEN” painted on the side of the Tanker. I covered it over as you can barely still see it and I felt it was distracting. The tanker was distracting enough but even worst to put a big “TEN” in the middle of the sketch. For me it reminds me of a happy relaxing moment in the summer. Now in the colder winter weather it seems like a long ago and far away place. I hope you enjoy this. Thank you to artist Gedartis for posting it for me.

I just noticed it was on my birthday that I sketched this scene.

“Maestro” Gregory Singer


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